The Inclusive Leader’s Mini Book Bundle


Includes three Inclusive Leader’s Idea Books:

  • 50 Questions to Spark Conversation and Connections. Sample questions:
    • What is a food, beverage or smell that reminds you of home or your heritage?
    • What’s something you do better than most people?
    • What would you like to be known for?
  • 50 Ideas to Increase Engagement During Meetings. Sample ideas:
    • Don’t introduce people just by their title. Add information that is unique to them.
    • Use “and” versus “but” statements to build on ideas shared versus negate ideas.
    • Follow up individually with those who had dissenting opinions to thank them for their input and talk through differences.
  • 50 Everyday Acts of Inclusion. Sample actions:
    • I seek to interact with people outside of my usual circles.
    • I am willing to challenge my own thinking.
    • I assume good intentions of others.


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