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6 Steps to Minimize Groupthink, Boost Innovation and Improve Outcomes 

In our haste to get work done, groupthink often hinders critical thinking and innovation. Discover how practicing inclusive best practice during meetings can foster more ...
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Why Being Polite and Professional at Work Is a Start, But Not Enough

“I’m an inclusive leader. I’m polite and professional to everyone.” I hear that a lot in my line of work. But here's the thing: being ...
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8 Interview Questions to Hire for Inclusive Behaviors

If your organization is dedicated to building a culture of belonging, ensure new hires contribute to this goal by evaluating candidates for inclusive behaviors during ...
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How to Handle Tough Questions About DEIB at Work

In a time of heightened awareness and conversations surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) at work, it is not uncommon for employees to raise tough ...
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Measure belonging at work: The top driver of employee engagement

In organizations with a high level of belonging, employee feel that their unique perspectives are valued and inform decisions. So, it makes sense that efforts ...
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Inspire Others with Your DEI Why

A company DEI statement is not enough to convincingly convey your organization’s intention to be a welcoming workplace that celebrates differences. As a leader or ...
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Tips to Engage Resistant Employees with DEI

As companies strive to create more inclusive workplace cultures in a society that seems to encourage division, many are experiencing opposition in the form of ...
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Tips to Apply a DEI Lens to Decision-Making to Improve Outcomes

Appreciating that we each bring existing assumptions and beliefs to every conversation, apply these best practices individually or as a team to approach decision-making with ...
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3 Tips to Bounce Back After a Challenging DEI Conversation

As companies continue to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion, it’s inevitable that some conversations may not go as well as we’d hoped. There will be ...
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Demystify DEI with Basic Definitions of Key Concepts

One of the biggest challenges with integrating DEI practices throughout the organization is  getting everyone aligned with diversity, equity and inclusion terminology. Often, these words ...
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