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Demystify DEI with Basic Definitions of Key Concepts

One of the biggest challenges with integrating DEI practices throughout the organization is  getting everyone aligned with diversity, equity and inclusion terminology. Often, these words …

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Steps to Initiate Dialogue Across Differences

It seems that we are far more divided today than ever before. These divisions have potential to negatively impact our workplace environments. Politics, race, gender, …

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Many companies with a goal of attracting and hiring diverse talent wonder why their efforts fail to produce their desired results.Incorporate these steps to approach recruiting with a more intentional lens to support more diverse and inclusive results.

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Tips to Recover from and Respond to a Diversity Faux Pas

The best way to minimize cultural blind spots is to increase your data points around the human experience. And that means, wait for it….interacting with …

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10 Ways to Embed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into Start Ups

Start-ups and small companies have an advantage when it comes to building a sustainable culture of belonging because by embedding best practices into the culture …

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7 Ways to Make Your Meetings More Inclusive

According to a recent Forbes report, employees spend between 35%-50% of their workday in meetings. That may sound awful, but it’s also an opportunity to …

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Tips to Bust Your Biases

Unconscious bias refers to attitudes or stereotypes that affect our views, our actions, and our decision-making in an unconscious way. These biases, which encompass both favorable and …

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Is Your Return to Work Plan Inclusive?

The process for determining how and where employees work is just as important as the resulting policies themselves.

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Tips to Resolve Diversity-Based Conflicts at Work

It’s inevitable that someone will say something demeaning or offensive to another person at work. How these “diversity moments” are handled can make the difference between boiling over into large conflicts or fostering greater understanding among colleagues.

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Lessons Learned from South Africa that We Can All Apply to Bridge Our Divisions

We seem more divided today than ever before. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I reflect on my years living in South Africa right after the end of apartheid for hope that we can get to better.

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