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We simplify what it takes to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices throughout your business by providing a clear roadmap to improve the ability to recruit and retain top talent, increase collaboration and innovation and enhance brand identity.

The Business Case for DEI

Companies that genuinely embrace DEI practices are:

Our proven approach lays the foundation to realize these results.

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Beth Ridley

CEO and Founder, Ridley Consulting Group

Common DEI Challenges

Lack of clarity and alignment

DEI means something different for everyone and there is no shared understanding of why it matters, what success looks like or what actions to take.

Feeling anxious & overwhelmed.

DEI is perceived to be complex and daunting and the fear of making a mistake leads to inaction.

Focus only on representation

Strategies over-index on recruiting underrepresented individuals and under-index on building a culture of belonging that values and respects the diversity inherent in everyone.

Lack of daily relevance

DEI is associated with extracurricular activities. Leaders do not embrace DEI as core leadership competencies and employees struggle to apply DEI training in their day to day to make them more effective in their roles.

We address these challenges to achieve the following results:

Our Approach

Designed by workplace culture and leadership expert, Beth Ridley, our Jumpstart DEI® Program has helped companies successfully streamline time, effort and resources required to drive lasting DEI outcomes, starting with three simple steps.

The Jumpstart DEI® Program Steps, Outcomes and Deliverables

Step 1

Align Leaders

Leaders align on what DEI is, DEI benefits and roadmap to achieve success. Leaders increase confidence and conviction to lead DEI transformation.

  1. Online learning program
  2. Leadership team workshop and facilitated discussions
  3. Goal setting and action planning

Step 2

Engage Employees

Employees align on DEI benefits and apply DEI competencies to their daily interactions and work. Reluctant employees motivated to engage.

  • Online learning program
  • Employee workshops
  • Culture of belonging survey
  • Goal setting and action planning


Step 3

Sustain Impact

Apply a DEI lens to policies, processes and programs to improve business outcomes. Establish infrastructure to achieve sustainable impact.

  • DEI council established
  • Policy, process and program review
  • DEI roadmap and strategies
  • Repeatable process to support ongoing strategy execution

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a call with Beth Ridley

I this short, but impactful call you will:

  • Get feedback on any DEI actions taken at your organization to date.
  • Talk through challenges you are experiencing as well as opportunities and  best practices to build on.
  • Understand a roadmap for success and immediate next steps you can take.

If you are ready to take the first step toward embracing DEI best practices to benefit from a culture of belonging, book your call now.



Attend a comlimentary monthly DEI drop-in session I’m calling Coaching Café at noon CT on the last Wednesday of the month (excepting December and March).
In an impactful 30-minute session, I share best practices on timely DEI topics and offer answers to common DEI questions. We’ll also brainstorm solutions to DEI challenges.

Schedule a Jumpstart DEI workshop for your team

Lack of clarity on what DEI is and fear of doing or saying the wrong things are often the biggest barriers to getting started with building a culture of belonging. Through this interactive workshop, we simplify what it takes to initiate your organizational DEI journey. Your team will gain the clarity and confidence needed to break through initial barriers in order to put small steps toward building a culture of belonging into action right away.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Shared understanding of foundational DEI concepts and terminology.
  • The business benefits of a culture of belonging are identified along with key measures of success.
  • High-level roadmap for how to embed DEI throughout the business to achieve benefits.
  • Easy to implement action steps to put DEI principles into practice right away.

What Our Clients Say

When our company decided to make a new and sustained commitment to broadening our perspectives and embracing diversity, we looked around the country for the best partner to guide us in this journey. We found her in Beth Ridley. Beth and her team brings a remarkable and broad set of skills and talents—engaging, smart and totally committed to their clients and this work. I’m especially impressed in their ability to connect the work of fostering a more inclusive, innovative and inspiring workplace culture to improved business outcomes and helping our company attract and retain the best in our field.

Charles Pruitt
Managing Director, AB Data Direct

I wanted to adjust my personal priorities by intentionally expanding the diversity of thought and perspective in the circles that influence me. From there, I needed help on serving our company with the same! Beth Ridley was the catalyst and wise instructor to me and for my leadership team.

Jonathan Reynolds
CEO Titus Talent Solutions

Beth helped us start our EDI journey by giving us a common starting point, proven communication tactics, and hands-on practice aligning inclusion strategies with our organizational mission. I loved her framework of teaching these principles as a leadership competency, and her thoughtfulness, good humor, and great facilitation skills. Creating culture change is hard work, but I have seen my staff actively choose to re-examine old assumptions with a new lens.

Layla Zaidane
Executive Director & COO Millennial Action Project

Servant leader… Smart… Collaborative are words that come to mind when I think about Beth. She has provided LSS with a great framework on how to pursue Equity, Diversity and Inclusion through a process where all are feeling connected to this work. If you are looking for help in this space, I highly recommend Beth!

Hector Colon
President & CEO Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

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Professionals with limited time

We don’t believe transformation requires a complete overhaul or big strategies. We help leaders and professionals bring positive values to life through their day to day work.

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