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Embracing DEI as an operating model means everyone approaches day-to-day work with an inclusive lens to make better decisions, improve team performance and achieve sustainable outcomes.

Embrace DEI as an Operating Model. Not an Initiative.

When companies embrace diversity, equity and inclusion as an operating model versus an initiative, leaders and employees approach all interactions and decision-making with a diverse and inclusive mindset, making DEI the way they do business.

And this makes sense because embracing DEI is really good for business. Companies where employees feel a strong sense of belonging at work are 35 percent more likely to outperform their competition. They achieve increased innovation, improved team performance, and greater financial returns. And embracing DEI in the workplace brings a sense of joy, meaning, purpose and belonging to work.

The business case for DEI at work is clear, but we know that driving sustainable DEI change can feel overwhelming. With our Jumpstart DEI® Program, we simplify what it takes to embed equity, diversity and inclusion principles into your organization’s culture with doable and data-driven action steps.

Designed by workplace and leadership expert, Beth Ridley, the Jumpstart DEI® Program has helped executive teams successfully streamline time, effort and resources required to drive lasting DEI outcomes, starting with three simple steps.

Embed DEI into Your Business with Three Simple Steps

We simplify what it takes to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices throughout your business by providing a clear roadmap to improve the ability to recruit and retain top talent, enhance brand identity and increase profitability.

The Jumpstart DEI® Program Steps, Outcomes and Deliverables



Leaders align around what DEI is, benefits and roadmap to achieve success. Leaders gain confidence to model DEI practices to lead by example.

  • DEI leadership assessments
  • Leadership team workshops
  • Online learning program
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • 1×1 coaching
  • Group coaching



Employees apply DEI practices to increase collaboration and value creation by making DEI approachable and relevant to all company-wide.

  • Culture of belonging survey
  • Employee workshops
  • Online learning program
  • Learning application challenge
  • Employee ideas to inform DEI strategies



Implement strategies to apply a DEI lens to policies, processes and programs to improve business outcomes on an ongoing basis.


  • DEI strategies and roadmap
  • DEI council to drive strategy execution
  • Best practices to embed DEI in business operations, daily interactions and decision-making company-wide.

Meet Beth Ridley, Leadership & Workplace Culture Expert

I’m a former corporate executive turned organizational transformation consultant, speaker and author. I combine my 25 years of global leadership and management consulting experience with expertise in diversity and inclusion and positive psychology to partner with leaders to transform workplace cultures to better achieve their vision and goals.

I’m passionate about simplifying and demystifying diversity, equity and inclusion – a topic we often make much harder than it needs to be. Based on my experience leading diverse teams in five different countries and leading DEI for a Fortune 100 company, this work is all about embracing an inclusive mindset rooted in curiosity and compassion towards others and a broad definition of diversity that is inclusive of all dimensions that make everyone unique. These values and skills can be embraced by everyone at all levels within the organization

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